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BlackSocks discount coupons -

BlackSocks discount coupons -

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BlackSocks discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - Buy high-end, luxury men's dress socks. Or subscribe and get automatic delivery all year. Free Shipping from Buy socks, underwear, shirts and more online. Blacksocks is the inventor of the revolutionary and award winning sockscription.
Fresh from university, co-founder Samy Liechti had just started his first job as a junior consultant in an advertising agency. Understandably he was unfamiliar with the customs of the business world. Our socks are great – something which is clear not only to us, but also to an increasing number of customers across the globe. See for yourself.
After a short time he was asked to attend an unexpected business meeting with Japanese partners. Realising the importance of this Samy decided it was appropriate to change outfits. From his mound of black socks, two were pulled onto his feet, then his freshly ironed shirt donned and the tie knotted. Thus, full of pride and self-confidence, he ventured into the meeting.
Blacksocks offers fine undergarments for top-class men, ensuring that they feel comfortable all day long. And not least because our socks, underwear, T-shirts, polo shirts and shirts are also available as a practical subscription. Try out the quality of our products for yourself by ordering a test pair of socks! Do you like them thick or thin, short or long, smooth or ribbed, black or colourful? No matter what you like, we have the perfect choice for you.
Socks perform hard labour every day: long working hours, a damp and warm climate, lots of friction – this is why only the best is good enough. Our socks are made from top-quality raw materials and can withstand great stress. Discover the exceptional quality and fantastically comfortable fit of our socks for yourself.

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