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88-EightyEight discount coupons -

88-EightyEight discount coupons -

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88-EightyEight discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - The number 88 is the number of constellations in the sky. Shuttle mission 88 started construction of the international space station finished in 1988. In ham radio 88 is the sign off that means love and kisses.. The snake swallowing its own tail is an ancient Egyptian symbol for the self sustaining, self contained universe. 88 represents the cycle of creation and recreation.
These meanings are the symbolic meaning of the brand 88. As wide as the sky, as forward looking as humanity living and working in space, as lucky as it is possible to be and full of love. 88 is a collection of bags designed by a design team that works on design for brands world wide. This collection is their favorites. It is the edited expression of the right bags for the season. Bags that are on trend, that look great and which work. Bags that enhance your life by helping you look good while working hard to carry the stuff you need. They are created by people who love what they do.
Designed by a team of optimists, experts in their craft. Each is individually constructed and tested for durability. Bags that work to help you in the wide and varied adventures of your daily life while looking great at the same time. We hope that you will enjoy them in your life as much as we enjoyed creating them.
88 is a vegan brand and no animal products are used. The founder of 88 is a life long vegetarian and believes that the environment would benefit from the reduction of factory farming . Various vegan leathers are used in production.

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