Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bing Ads discount coupons -

Bing Ads discount coupons -

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Bing Ads discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - Get Bing Ads support, insights and solutions to optimize your search engine advertising campaigns. Also find training resources and expert tips from our blog. See how businesses like yours grow their sales while improving their ROI.
You need relevant information to reach your sales goals and keep ahead of the competition. Campaign Planner gives you marketplace insights by vertical, product and keyword, as well as trends and forecasting in search traffic, competitor performance and keyword suggestions. Plus, our built-in reports show you how your campaigns are performing so you can make the best decisions to improve your campaigns and boost your return on investment.
Explore Bing Ads resources and advertising solutions - Bing Ads. Give us a few details about your business to get your account up and running. Remember, signing up with Bing Ads is free.
Get a lower cost per sale and cost per click when compared to the competition. Bing Ads customers achieve 29 percent lower cost per sale when compared with Google AdWords. 35 percent higher conversion rate at the same cost per click as Google AdWords. 40 percent conversion rate through Bing Ads compared to 10 percent conversion rates for banner ads on third-party networks.

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