Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fixed Cash Flows discount coupons - (1 more)

Fixed Cash Flows discount coupons - (1 more)

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Fixed Cash Flows discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - Current rates on CDs and Annuities are at historic lows. Chances are after inflation and taxes, savings in these products will actually lose purchase power. Don't watch your savings slowly disappear. You deserve better. It's time to step away from traditional fixed products and learn about other fixed options that are available.
A Fixed Cash Flow is income that is received by a pension recipient which originates from one of several institutions including state and federal government retirement plans or investment-grade corporation pension plans. Current rates can range from 6.5% on a five-year federally-sourced plan to 7% on a 5-year Select Pension Program. The length of the term is 5 years or 60 months.
A buyer can choose the amount of monthly income desired and the credit risk preferred. Fixed Cash Flows offer competitive rates, with predictable income that can be customized to your specific needs.
Future Income Payments, LLC (FIP) is a factoring company that specializes in analyzing, acquiring and managing a broad range of assets including structured settlements, annuities, lottery awards, pension cash flows, secondary annuities, royalty payments and inheritance. FIP specializes in evaluating the creditworthiness of each offering to determine value and risk.
With today's historically low interest rate environment many savers actually loose purchasing power after inflation and taxes. We offer these savers an alternative savings option where they can earn a 7% fixed return over a 5 year period. Savers are looking for better return options without taking on market risk and you can assist by directing them to a program that offers competitive fixed returns provided through a strongly rated company with a perfect payment track record.

Kozzi discount coupons

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