Friday, March 13, 2015

BodaSkins discount coupons -

BodaSkins discount coupons -

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BodaSkins discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - Since its inception, Boda Skins has been characterized by its commitment to crafting timeless pieces for the modern tastemaker, translating classic wardrobe staples into luxurious must-have looks. Using only the finest materials, Boda has become a premier destination for those who share the brand's commitment to stylistic integrity and quality without compromise.
Designed in Manchester and fashioned in the hills of southern Turkey in the village of Sucati, Boda Skins celebrates the perfect union of style and luxury. Under the direction of founder Nathan Alexander, the label has managed to marry great British design with quality Turkish craftsmanship, resulting in leather to love forever.
We are a family, and as such, we care for all who are affiliated with the Boda name, providing a safe and respectful workspace in which creativity can flourish. We stand by our conviction that to sustain a productive work environment, we must treat one another with fairness. In the small village of Su├žati, Turkey, the Boda legacy continues.
Boda Skins is truly a labor of love: we wear our hearts on our sleeves, taking care to ensure that each piece fully captures the beauty that is Boda. More than just a reflection of the current style, Boda represents a lifestyle, a philosophy of luxury without limits. We view Boda as an extension of ourselves, a second skin, an outward statement of the beauty within.

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