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Tous discount coupons -

Tous discount coupons -

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Tous discount coupons

Posted: 24 Jun 2014 06:53 AM PDT discount coupons - In 1920, Salvador Tous Blavi and his wife Teresa Ponsa Mas opened a small watch repair shop, which little by little ventured into the jewelry world. In 1965, Salvador Tous, the founder's son, married Rosa Oriol. The couple joined forces to pool their respective talent, experience and creativity in order to produce a whole new language, expressed in jewelry.
"During the course of my travels, I saw a little teddy bear in a shop window and it made me remember some wonderful moments from my childhood. So I thought: Why not make this teddy bear out of gold? It has become a good luck charm for millions of people all over the world, and for us, it marked the beginning of our international expansion. Even though we are continuously creating new collections, the teddy bear is always present in different shapes and forms. He is indeed very dear to me!"
The Kimberley process is a special system of certifications designed to prevent the presence of conflictive diamonds on the market. This process was created in an effort to assure customers that they were not financing wars nor violating human rights when they bought their diamond jewelry. Between 97% and 99% of the market takes place in countries which form a part of the Plan and at TOUS, we only deal with suppliers who respect this process. In addition to the diamonds, TOUS also controls the origin of the rest of the metals and materials.
The TOUS business model is characterized by its high degree of vertical integration. Approximately 80% of the products marketed correspond to our own production and they are handcrafted in our own workshops. At TOUS, we carry out all the different phases of the creative process: R&D, designing, manufacturing of the pieces of jewelry, distribution and sales. For this reason, the TOUS stores are totally immersed in a re-styling process. The versatility and the functionality of the sales area will be the new priorities for the Company's interior decorators.

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