Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Firelight-Fusion discount coupons - GetDiscountCoupon.com (1 more)

Firelight-Fusion discount coupons - GetDiscountCoupon.com (1 more)

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Firelight-Fusion discount coupons

Posted: 16 Jun 2014 04:12 AM PDT

firelight-fusion.com discount coupons - The Fusion's 2-piece design takes the guesswork out of operating an e cigarette so you can focus on enjoying your new smoke-free lifestyle. The cartomizer contains both the heating element (aka atomizer) and the e liquid nicotine solution, and is attached to the battery. Each puff delivers a rich, dense vapor so realistic, it may cause others to think you're really smoking!
The Firelight Fusion Liquid Bundle is perfect for starters or for those who want to maximize their savings. When you need the basics and more, the Fusion Deluxe has got you covered. Get the most out of vaping with the Fusion Deluxe, perfect for when you're on the road for business or for pleasure, or for having the essentials and then some.
20 provided cartomizers make loading and reloading your Fusion e cigarette a breeze, and extra batteries ensure you'll have plenty of power to keep the e cig going during long business meetings, amusement park outings, or just about any event.
Either way you choose, you win! Research has shown the chances of achieving success are increased when one is supported by others, which makes this bundle perfect for two who want to take the e-smoking plunge together. And if you are going it alone, two double Fusion kits means more units for less money and more peace of mind.
The five pack is about 3 packs of tobacco cigarettes for the average smoker. This is a little over 3 bucks a pack...try that with tobacco cigarettes and you will be lucky if you get two packs for that.
What can you say to make blank cartomizers sound appealing? When you purchase blanks and e liquid, you can cut your cost of tobacco to 1/3rd or less than regular tobacco cigarettes. A whole month for the average to light smoker (pack a day or less) for $70.95. Try buying a month's worth of tobacco cigarettes for that amount if you dare. 6 tantalizing flavors and slashing your tobacco cost like Michonne slashes zombies makes for a great month.

Ippuku eCigs discount coupons

Posted: 16 Jun 2014 03:52 AM PDT

ippukuecigs.com discount coupons - Ippuku Electronic Cigarettes sells the highest quality organic ecigs and vaporizing devices with plenty of style. We also offer a wide array of nicotine e-liquids and accessories. If you're looking to shop and buy online ecigs and nicotine juices, you have found the best! We also believe in adding luxury and class and humor into our company to create a strong brand that people love.
We were cigarette smokers back then, and as we climbed the rocky mountain we craved a smoke break (or an ippuku, as the Japanese call it) along the way. We reached the summit with just enough time to catch the sun rise. It was magnificent, just as we expected. However, as it peeked through the clouds and illuminated the ground before us, we saw cigarette butts littering the beautiful landscape.
But who is to blame, really? You could point your finger at the cigarette smoker who carelessly tossed the butt aside or the lack of trash cans on the mountain top, but perhaps it's just a flaw in the fundamental design.There has to be a better solution in this modern age. Shouldn't we be capable of eliminating simple waste through innovation?
After we returned home, we realized there was a possible solution. We began experimenting with some of the products in the world of ecigs and vaporizing devices. While some were awful, we saw a glimmer of hope in some good ones available out there. We loved the versatility of rechargeable and refillable ecigs, and realized the potential difference these could make in the world if the idea was excecuted properly.
In the world of electronic cigarettes, you can choose to go one of two ways. There are the cheap and disposable cigarette look-alikes that you can find in any local gas station, or there is the approach we're taking: to offer a high class, high quality, refillable, and rechargeable product with an emphasis on good looks and design that allows you to make a statement about yourself.


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