Friday, May 13, 2016

Ragdoll LA discount coupons -

Ragdoll LA discount coupons -

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Ragdoll LA discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - I'm a fan of flea market, always on the hunt for the perfect sweater to wear withh my recycled denims, fave leather pants or plaid skirt, All my vintage treasure that I love have fallen apart at some point, This i s how the idea for Ragdoll LA was born, I wanted to create your favorite tee that you can buy in multiple colors and be available forever. Ragdoll LA is casual cool essentials with the highest quality, rock chic details and vintage feel.
From growing up in Sweden, traveling the world as a fashion buyer and living in California the last 10 years, I get inspired by girls with an effortless cool style from all over. Just like me, Ragdoll LA is a mix of European chicc and slouchy Los Angeles lifestyle. From LA I like the very usual way to dress, and from Europe I love the aesthetic and colors. I'm Ragdoll. I like to to dress classy with a touch of sexy, vintage and rock 'n' roll.
We love mixing of staple with statementpieces. Ragdolls always end up with a basic item in the look, no matter the time of day or occasion. Wear your Ragdoll essentials at anytime and any place. For example, our signature Track Pants is as stylish with boots daytime, as they are off-duty with heels at night.
Los Angeles based Ragdoll LA is adored for its statement Track Pants and 'best in the biz' soft vintage washed Tees. Ragdoll LA's rock chic aesthetic is built on mixing European trend with California lifestyle, created by Swedish designer Lisa Larson, out of the studio in West Hollywood.

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