Friday, March 11, 2016

Ted Teresa discount coupons -

Ted Teresa discount coupons -

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Ted Teresa discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - Ted Bernhardtz is a Gothenburg based fashion brand that highlights a relaxed but dressed look that suits all occasions, for party or everyday use. This is done with simplicity and they emphasize good solid qualities, details and the best fit. Nothing goes up to chance and every detail is chosen with care.
For Ted Bernhardtz the textile and fashion journey started as a fleeting thought that developed into vague sketches. Ted and his team have extensive experience in the textile industry. All of them have started their journey as a salesman in a clothing store, they have had the time to analyze and reflect on costumer behavior. These are experiences that have been important in their work. Today Ted Bernhardtz owns their own factories. This gives the opportunity to have full control throughout the process.
The characteristic of Ted Bernhardtz design is wearable garments with a modern touch. We want to create clothes that stand the test of time, for people who want to feel stylish and relaxed.

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