Sunday, January 3, 2016

BedaBox discount coupons -

BedaBox discount coupons -

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BedaBox discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - It all started a few years ago, before BedaBox was even a thing, when our company founder, Jan, moved from Europe to the USA. About 5 minutes later, everyone he'd ever met back home started writing: "hey, can you send me this? Could you mail me that?" They all wanted to buy items online from the USA, but weren't able to because US merchants either wouldn't ship to them, or couldn't process their payments.
But Jan could! And so he did. It wasn't very long before he'd created a thriving business out of it, in fact - one he knew was going to get a lot bigger very quickly.
Even back then, Jan worked in international logistics. He had the connections to make things happen and even though he started out simply doing favours for his friends, he was making serious inroads in the shipping industry; developing the network that would launch BedaBox around the world.
And we promise each of you: our top priority will always be to give the best help, support, and shipping services we can deliver - you can count on us, every time.

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