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Lyle and Scott discount coupons -

Lyle and Scott discount coupons -

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Lyle and Scott discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - In 1874 William Lyle and Walter Scott founded a knitwear company in Hawick, a small town hidden in the Scottish Borders. With a loan of £800, the premise was to meet the demand for high quality underwear in Victorian Britain.
In line with William Lyle's favourite motto, "Good Work makes more Work", continued good business leads to impressive growth in Lyle & Scott's premises. Under the dynamic stewardship of managing director Charles Oliver Lyle & Scott establishes a worldwide reputation. In 1926 the brand progressed into the realms of fashion, applying its accomplished woollen skills to knitted outerwear; doubling turnover in the space of two years.
In 2003 we sharpened up our fit and expanded the horizons of the brand attracting a new generation of young, talented music, TV and film stars. The Golden Eagle proved particularly popular amongst the noughties indie pop scene and could be regularly spotted on bands like Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party.
In Autmn/Winter 2013, Lyle & Scott's offering is split in to three distinct collections. Lyle & Scott Classic is a timeless collection, encapsulating strong brand provenance and mainstream acceptance. Lyle & Scott Contemporary collection is trend led, worn by the fashion conscious individual whilst maintaining strong brand relevance. Lyle & Scott Golf focuses on fusing athletic performance with technical features.

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