Friday, August 21, 2015

XtraLock discount coupons -

XtraLock discount coupons -

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XtraLock discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - Xtralock™ safely secures the 3rd row seats in GM Vehicles. The locking system is easy to install and remove by the vehicle's owner, but impossible for a thief to remove without literally damaging the seats thereby defeating the reason for stealing them.
It can take criminals as little as 6 seconds to remove the 3rd row seats in GM Vehicles. The Xtralock™ System offers the highest level of security and deters thieves from breaking in, damaging your vehicle, and removing the seats. Our locking system cannot be removed without a key and has no shackle that can be cut off and removed.
3rd row seat theft is expensive! Not only is it costly to replace the seats, but thieves are breaking into locked cars to take them. This means car repair bills and possibly a hike in insurance premiums. A small investment now can save thousands of dollars in the future.
Xtralock™ comes with a 100% Money-back Guarantee. Customer Satisfaction is our Number one Priority. Xtralock Protects SUVs from 3rd Row Seat Theft. Highly Effective No-Shackle Lock. Visible Deterrent To Theft. Easy to Install and Remove by Owner. High Quality, 3 Piece System. Designed by Veteran Locksmith.
Owners of 3rd row vehicles may remove the 3rd Row several times a month to make room for luggage, sporting gear, and large purchases. The designers of Xtralock™ created a system that Soccer Moms and Carpoolers can easily attach or remove quickly, with minimal effort and no tools are required.

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