Thursday, May 28, 2015

USA Dawgs discount coupons -

USA Dawgs discount coupons -

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USA Dawgs discount coupons

Posted: discount coupons - DAWGS Brand is a rapidly growing manufacturer and distributor specializing in high-quality and value-priced footwear. DAWGS strengths include the ability to design, manufacture and deliver EVA based footwear that has mass market appeal. United States office is located in Las Vegas, NV.
The DAWGS Brand houses our own internal Marketing, Design and Research teams. Successful programs at some of America's top Retailers have led to new licensing partnerships, like that with Firestone.
The DAWGS Brand maintains full-time personnel on all production lines to ensure our DAWGS products maintain the highest standards. Direct import programs are available to maximize your profit margin. The DAWGS Brand is capable of creating specialty brands and/or private label footwear and accessories for volume retailers.
The DAWGS Brand footwear label quickly became a leader in the shoe industry's evolution towards new comfort. DAWGS Brand's mission has and continues to bring a Foot's Best Friend to more and more happy people every day.
From EXTRA PADDED Orthotic FOOT BEDS, multiple ventilation ports, to proprietary ultrasoft design materials,people can now stand on their feet all day without pain! The functionality and price make DAWGS footwear a great choice for people who love comfortable shoes. Dawgs come in all sizes, many colors and many styles that make them a fun fashion statement for young and old alike, with or without socks.

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