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Titanium Kay discount coupons -

Titanium Kay discount coupons -

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Titanium Kay discount coupons

Posted: 14 Dec 2014 05:57 AM PST discount coupons - Retails Tungsten Rings Mens Rings Wedding Bands Titanium Tungsten Chains Bracelets Necklaces & Earrings Free Shipping Lifetime Warranty. Due to the hardness of tungsten carbide, it is not recommended to use traditional method of etching to engrave messages on them. Etching on tungsten carbide is usually not clear and jagged. Also, it might damage the structure of the alloy and chip the ring.
Titanium Kay is the leading men's jewelry and accessories store online. We offer large collections of titanium and tungsten wedding band rings and stainless steel jewelry and accessories.
The only way to ensure precision, clarity and smoothness of the engraved text on tungsten carbide is computerized laser engraving. We use state-of-the-art laser equipment to put custom message on your jewelry.
Men's rings come in wide range of shapes and sizes. Most men's rings are wider and bolder than women's rings. The modern man may choose a ring made of titanium or stainless steel to really make a statement. Gold and Platinum are popular types of metal for more expensive men's rings. Men's rings are usually inscribed or molded with unusual decorations as well.
As one of the first online jewelers to offer titanium wedding rings, today Titanium Kay continues to lead the way with innovative styles of high quality titanium jewelry for women and men. Featuring jewelry designer collections that incorporate a wide variety of metals, gemstones and other elements such as ceramics and leather that express their lifestyle perspective.

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