Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Corporate Group Buy discount coupons -

Corporate Group Buy discount coupons -

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Corporate Group Buy discount coupons

Posted: 02 Sep 2014 06:48 AM PDT discount coupons - About a year and a half before launched one of our customers came to us with a project she was working on. She had been put in charge of trying to organize a group buy for the company she worked for.
The timer lets you know how much time is left on the current GroupBuy when the time is up, you might not have the chance to get these items at this price again, so don't wait! We save you time by handling, evaluating, and selecting the best products for each GroupBuy. What you see is the cream of the crop. Whether you are the boss or working for the boss, the boss is happy when you save the company money.
Collective Purchasing Power for the Corporate Environment. You'll notice, we got rid of the price chart. As long as the minimum quantitiy is purchased, you pay less than end quantity pricing (EQP) - no matter how many you buy.
We combine your order with the purchasing power of numerous companies to offer you incredible prices on your promotional products. It's simple: you get high quality promotional items at unheard of prices.
Now you don't have to be a Big Corporation to get Bulk Discounts on promotional products! We constantly sift through hundreds of thousands of items and hand-pick those with the best value. Enjoy better than end quantity pricing on these quality items.
She wasn't quite sure how it could actually be done because each of the company's 170+ locations has different logos. So, doing what thousands of companies before her had done, she put it out to bid. She gave us, and several other promotional products distributors, a basic list of 20+ items to bid on.
The list included items such as 'a pen' to bid on, there are thousands of pens! I have spent many hours bidding on projects like this and the result is always the same: it is a complete waste of time for my customer. This process forces distributors to find the cheapest products they can find. The customer then ends up giving out something that doesn't represent their company.

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