Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MyLatitude discount coupons -

MyLatitude discount coupons -

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MyLatitude discount coupons

Posted: 29 Apr 2014 03:56 AM PDT discount coupons - YouScience was founded in 2012 with a big idea - to help every student in the country identify and achieve a career uniquely aligned to his or her own strengths, talents and passion.
To accomplish this, we developed LatitudeSM, an integrated solution that starts with a revolutionary new way for students to discover their aptitudes, or in other words, those things they do naturally well. Latitude then uses a proprietary process to match careers with a student's aptitudes and interests. With this powerful information, students explore careers, education options and set the path that's right for them.
Latitude gives you actionable information tailored to your strengths. Choose your major, classes and more with confidence. Latitude's science delivers deep insight into your unique blend of aptitudes, personality and interests to reveal your full spectrum of potential. Use it at school, at work and in your relationships. Latitude is the only program that scientifically matches you to more than 500 careers complete with the educational pathways to get there.
Each of us is made up of a combination of innate qualities or aptitudes. Think of it as our hard-wired potential. Some people call these "talents" or "strengths". Research shows that these aptitudes form a definable pattern and are stable by the age of 15.
Latitude is built upon over 90 years of research by institutions and foundations across the globe. Now available in an online format, Latitude offers a reliable and valid measurement of natural abilities or "aptitudes" that align with satisfaction in work and avocations.
We partnered with the Ball Foundation in Chicago, Illinois for our aptitude science. Ball Foundation, founded in 1975, is one of the premier developers of aptitude-based career products in the country. YouScience developed a new method for making these aptitude assessments and feedback available online.
Latitude is not a replacement for college counseling. By helping students understand themselves and set a basic career direction, Latitude actually creates a basis for an informed and effective college search. Students, their parents, and counselors can leverage the information in our reports to more effectively select colleges, majors, and paths towards a career.

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