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Quirky discount coupons - (1 more)

Quirky discount coupons - (1 more)

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Quirky discount coupons

Posted: 15 Mar 2014 08:09 AM PDT discount coupons - Shop for the world's best products, invented by real people just like you. If you've got an incredible idea for a product, we want to know about it.
We at Quirky believe the best ideas in the world aren't actually in the world... they're locked inside people's heads. We exist to solve that problem. We make products that are invented and influenced by real people just like you.
It doesn't matter if it's a little doodle, a crazy chemical formula, or a "wouldn't it be cool if...", sharing your idea is the first step toward bringing your idea to life.
There are thousands of ideas submitted to Quirky every week. Deciding which of these ideas are the best is in your hands. Go ahead and vote on the ones you love, and help our inventors make their products better.
Every Thursday, we gather a group of industry experts, friends, and community members at our Headquarters in New York. Watch live as we drink beer and debate the best ideas that have been submitted. Before we're allowed to go home, we've chosen the next products that we'll begin working on.
You play a role in every single decision we make. Help us decide something as simple as what color we should make a product, or as complicated as how to solve an engineering issue. Clicking buttons on Quirky makes you money.
Woohoo! We've invented something. Unfortunately, it's still just a picture, but before long it'll be a product, in a box, at a store, that earns you cash. Quirky uses some of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to make high quality products.
In the end, the world has access to an invention that wouldn't have existed without your help, and you have access to more cash to spend on new shoes or college or booze or.... you know, whatever you want.

DandB discount coupons

Posted: 13 Mar 2014 04:13 AM PDT discount coupons - Dun & Bradstreet® (D&B®) Reports direct from The best business credit, credit report information and business research resource on the web. Follow these steps when filing your taxes: start early, gather documentation, learn about taxes for your type of business, clean up your paperwork, learn about deductions, and plan for the future.
Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. considers itself a 175 year-old startup. While our ideas are novel and our company is innovative, our roots are steeped in tradition, woven into the fiber of corporate America and a credit reporting industry dating back to 1837.
Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. is the leading provider of credit building and credibility solutions for businesses. We help businesses establish their credit with a D&B DUNS® Number, a unique nine-digit identification sequence used by the world's most influential standards-setting organizations and recognized, recommended and often required by global corporations, governments, industry and trade associations.
Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. provides the only real business credit monitoring solution available to companies looking to monitor and impact their own business credit profile.
D&B's proprietary set of key ratings include the PAYDEX® Score, a predictive indicator for paying bills on time; the Financial Stress Score, an indicator of financial stress in the next 12 months; and the Credit Limit Recommendation, which provides guidelines for extending business credit and an overall D&B Rating which addresses the overall assessment of a business.

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