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YesVideo discount coupons - (2 more)

YesVideo discount coupons - (2 more)

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YesVideo discount coupons

Posted: 05 Nov 2013 03:43 AM PST discount coupons - The world changes so quickly, and time moves fast. It seems like just yesterday you said "I do" and here you are, celebrating anniversaries of many years spent together. Just yesterday you saw your babies and grandbabies take their first steps...and today you make a teary farewell as these grown young adults drive off to the first years at college.
You've collected decades of your family memories. The fun, the sentimental, embarrassing - all treasured memories that you deeply cherish. We help your family relive, share and celebrate the special moments...forever.
For 15 years YesVideo has helped families protect and share generations of memories, and we are now the largest and most trusted home movies transfer service worldwide. We believe in developing services that our own families would enjoy to relive those special moments forever.
YesVideo is headquartered in Santa Clara, California in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our East Coast production studio is located in Norcross, Georgia. All orders are processed in one of our US studios using the latest technology and most secure processes.
We are made up of innovators who are dedicated to providing families with the ultimate experience to celebrate their memories. We hold a deep appreciation for the past, with a passion for new video and online technologies. YesVideo offers the following services:
- Home movies transferred to private online account and DVD (8mm, 16 mm, Super 8, Hi8, VHS, and Mini DV)
- Film and VHS tapes to digital online format
- Premium online accounts (for editing videos and creating customized DVD gifts)
- Safe and secure video storing and sharing in the cloud
- Access from any computer, iPhone or iPad.

Leap Motion discount coupons

Posted: 05 Nov 2013 03:31 AM PST discount coupons - With a wave of a hand, you'll use your Mac or PC in a whole new way for games, design, and more. The Leap Motion 3D Controller senses your hands moving naturally. The Leap Motion™ Controller is a unique device that creates eight cubic feet of interactive 3D space to let you interact with your computer simply by moving your hands and fingers in the air. With no visible lag and amazing accuracy, you can play music, browse the web, flip through photos and more with the wave of your hand. There are lots of great apps in Airspace™, the Leap Motion app store, designed specifically for the Leap Motion technology.
Imagine if you could do things on your computer just like you do them in real life. If natural movements replaced all those clicks and taps and drags and drops. Imagine if technology finally figured out people, instead of the other way around. That's how we see the future.
The Leap Motion Controller senses your hands and fingers and follows their every move. It lets them move in all that wide-open space between you and your computer. So you can do almost anything without touching anything. It's the tiny device that just might change the way you use technology. It's the world's most natural technology that just might change the world.
Apps designed for Leap Motion are unlike apps you've seen before, because this technology never existed before. Crush bad guys with your bare hands. Make music and art with just a finger. Soar around the sun. Reach for the stars (seriously). You'll be way more into gaming, designing, creating, and exploring when you can interact in 3D. With apps also made to control your OS, the Leap Motion Controller is an easy, natural, and fun way to browse the web, read articles, and move around your desktop. There's only one place to discover these all-new kinds of apps: Airspace.

Kronan discount coupons

Posted: 05 Nov 2013 02:40 AM PST discount coupons - Crown bikes and strollers are designed with a focus on simplicity, practicality and attractive design. With sophisticated features and smart funtioner want the Crown to satisfy the need of useful everyday products - now and in the future!
Crown bikes look and function as bikes do. They may only have been around since 1997, but the design is well proven. And even if we have refined the defense plans from 1942 a bit, so the idea is the same: a robust and hearty bike that holds and that is comfortable to ride. That it is also very good looking may well be seen as a bonus. The crown Mr. Bike is a rugged and sturdy quality cycle based on the classic Swedish military bike from the 40's. The strong construction makes it sturdy and durable. Crown Dam, just as our men, a robust, simple cycle, with a focus on quality and function.
Crown products are designed with a focus on simplicity, practicality and attractive design. With sophisticated features and smart funtioner want the Crown to satisfy the need of useful everyday products - now and in the future!
The crown was founded, although not until 1997, but the business idea was born actually in the early 1900's, when the defense began to replace cavalry horses with simple and rugged bikes. In the 40's were even dedicated bicycle infantry regiments. These were the bikes that three students from Uppsala began to renovate and sell to their fellow students. Business was good - so good that soon there were a few old bikes left to renovate. The enterprising students managed to get over Defence's own design drawings from 1942 and began producing their own bikes. Thus was born the company crown.

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