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Better World Books UK discount coupons - (6 more)

Better World Books UK discount coupons - (6 more)

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Better World Books UK discount coupons

Posted: 05 May 2013 05:51 AM PDT discount coupons - In a nutshell, we keep books out of landfill and support literacy by selling them on multiple online marketplaces. Our customers have made us the world's biggest socially responsible used bookseller. We are not a charity, but a pioneering social business. We work in partnership with literacy charities using our skills in online bookselling to make money for them to plough into literacy initiatives.
We also work closely with libraries, student groups and sustainability officers. Many people don't realise that disposing of surplus books can be a huge issue – so our free service is pretty popular. Nobody likes seeing books thrown into skips!
We are also a company that strives to make our impact on the world as positive as is humanly possible. In addition to creating social impact by generating revenue for charities and libraries, our whole business is founded on promoting reuse - the lynch-pin of environmental sustainability.
And when it comes to helping the environment, we took things a step further. We worked with Sustainable Business Consulting and followed the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol to develop the methodology used to calculate our carbon inventory. Then we partnered with Carbon Footprint, a leading carbon management company to help offset the carbon associated with books being shipped to our customers. For every tonne of carbon emissions we produce, one native British broad-leaved tree will be planted in Scotland through Tree Appeal.

Better World Books discount coupons

Posted: 05 May 2013 05:51 AM PDT discount coupons - It was a dark and stormy night in South Bend, Indiana. College friends and ultimate frisbee teammates Xavier and Kreece were sitting around after graduation wondering what to do next. The economy was in the gutter, the dot com boom had recently gone bust, and prospects for Internet businesses were slim. This didn't bode well for guys with degrees in information systems and mechanical engineering.
Having volunteered in the past at the local community center, they knew it had everything they needed: a great cause, a fast Internet connection, and a back room that could hold some books. Xavier convinced Jay, the center's director, to take a gamble on this idea and then they were off.
The three founders submitted the idea to a Notre Dame University business plan competition, and won "Best Social Venture." With $7,000 in prize money and some guidance by a competition judge named David Murphy (who would later become CEO of the company), the entrepreneurs then set off to run Book Drives for Better Lives on campuses across the country.
From the idea of one small book drive to making a global impact on literacy, we're proud of our humble beginnings and desire to make a worldwide difference. As a "social enterprise", social and environmental impact is built into the core of our business. We only do well by doing good.
Superb bargains on used books and over 8 million used and new titles. Free shipping worldwide. For real? Yes, sir or ma'am! We generate funding for leading literacy initiatives around the world. Our partners build schools, start libraries, train teachers and provide scholarships. We've re-used or recycled over 127 million pounds of books and raised over $13 million for global literacy and local libraries. Every book you buy or donate expands our collective impact.

Homebase UK discount coupons

Posted: 05 May 2013 04:29 AM PDT discount coupons - Welcome to Homebase, part of Home Retail Group. Home Retail Group was demerged from its parent company, GUS plc, on Tuesday 10 October 2006. More information on Home Retail Group can be found on its corporate website,, including sections on investor relations, media centre, corporate responsibility and careers. Here you can read a brief introduction to Homebase, understand our corporate responsibility policies and learn a little about our charitable partner.
Homebase is a leading home enhancement retailer selling over 38,000 products for the home and garden. It has more than 340 large, out-of-town stores throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland serving around 64 million customers a year, and a growing internet offering at In the financial year to February 2012, Homebase sales were £1.5 billion and it employed some 19,000 people across the business.
As part of the Home Retail Group, our sister company Argos will spoil you for choice with a fantastic range of over 35,000 great value products across many categories, including furniture, home appliances, televisions, toys and much more.

Park Sleep Fly discount coupons

Posted: 05 May 2013 03:50 AM PDT discount coupons - The #1 website to compare and book airport hotel park sleep and fly packages. One night's accommodation with up to 14 or more days of free airport parking with our park stay and fly plans.
Airports hotels with parking packages have become a favorite among seasoned travelers. Often less than the cost of airport parking alone, these packages, called Airport Hotel Park, Sleep and Fly, Park, Stay and Fly and many many other names, offer convenient parking and hotel accommodation options when you leave or return from your vacation.
If you have an early morning departure, why not book an airport hotel that offers Park, Sleep and Fly packages, staying the night before you depart, rather than leaving home in the early hours of the morning? A good night's sleep at a hotel located close to the airport can alleviate the fear of missing your flight due to heavy traffic, bad weather or airport security measures. Again, in many cases, the cost of the Park Sleep and Fly hotel packages with free airport parking is about the same as the airport parking alone.

Cellnique discount coupons

Posted: 05 May 2013 03:25 AM PDT discount coupons - At Cellnique, we believe that all women deserve the best beauty solutions. We take pride in providing women with courteous, expedient, professional service and the finest quality of beauty products. We are devoted to the revolution of result oriented, yet trusted solutions aimed at achieving flawless beauty. To build beauty-lifestyle brands with international appearance and standards, and with cult-like communities. To achieve our vision by creating a platform to materialize our passion in redefining beauty industry by doing things differently and professionally.
b.liv skincare is driven by advanced, bio-technology-formulated ingredients with a decade's-worth of expertise in the beauty industry. b.liv is the only skincare brand in the market to have undergone trials and testing in more than 200 professional skincare centers prior to mass-availability. b.liv is formulated to tackle the most severe and stubborn blackheads & whiteheads, and large pores for hot and humid tropical climes.

Tibi discount coupons

Posted: 05 May 2013 02:03 AM PDT discount coupons - Shop Tibi for clean, feminine, and relaxed clothing and shoes created by designer Amy Smilovic.
Amy grew up with a sketch pad and pencil in hand, on a small island off the coast of Georgia. The relaxed ease of island living, coupled with highly creative & artistic parents, (her father and grandfather both artists) are her strongest design influences. Amy was always obsessed with style – whether it was creating accessories and clothing to sell to local boutiques or spending hours putting together the perfect outfit.
In 1997, Amy moved to Hong Kong with her husband. It was there that she decided to pursue her dream of starting her own fashion label. "I'm crazy for prints and color in unexpected combinations. And I love luxury with an absolute ease about it – simple but utterly modern." Amy's passion for chic and easy fashions became the foundation on which Tibi was launched. Early on, Amy partnered with another American living abroad, Octavia Hyland (her grandmother's name was Tibi). Traveling frequently to the Indonesian island of Java, they worked closely with small textile printers to develop unique prints in vivid colors. The first capsule collection was sold to Lane Crawford and to expats living in Hong Kong.
Amy Smilovic is passionate about surrounding herself with creative people and an inspiring environment. This makes Soho, NY the ideal location for Tibi's design studio and showroom. Each member of the Tibi design team is bound together by their love of fashion that is laidback and easy but always chic and modern. The studio's aesthetic is minimal, with rounded corners, arched ceilings, ample windows and an open floor plan. The d├ęcor is kept simple, with mid-century modern furniture and bold printed rugs.

National Debt Relief discount coupons

Posted: 04 May 2013 10:42 PM PDT discount coupons - National Debt Relief is the first debt negotiation company accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the American Fail Credit Council and the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators. Established in 2006, National Debt Relief has helped over 100,000 consumers get out of debt.
National Debt Relief is one of the country's largest and one of the most reputable debt settlement companies. We are made up of energetic, smart & compassionate individuals who are passionate about helping thousands of Americans with debt relief. Most importantly we're all about helping our customers through a tough financial time in their lives with education and individual customer service.
We are dedicated to helping individuals and families rid their lives of burdensome debt. We specialize in debt settlement and have negotiated settlements for thousands of creditor and collection accounts. We provide our clients with both our expertise and our proven results. This means helping consumers in their time of hardship to get out of debt with the least possible cost.
Our ultimate goal is to be the number one advocate of the Americans when it comes to re-establishing financial stability in the least amount of time and resources possible.
If you are getting tired of all the harassing phone calls, the threatening letters and the stress you go through day and night, then you need – a Better Business Bureau accredited debt and credit counseling company in New York, NY.

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