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Global Star Registry discount coupons - (7 more)

Global Star Registry discount coupons - (7 more)

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Global Star Registry discount coupons

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 01:13 PM PST discount coupons - Name a star - it's a glittering gift for Mother's or Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, Valentine's Day or other special occasions.
For just £65 GBP you get a Star Kit from MYSTAR - Global Star Registry. The kit contains a signed certificate confirming the name and astronomical coordinates of your star. You also get a sky map showing where your star, which is marked, is located. The kit also contains a pendant engraved with the star's constellation and its exact coordinates! You can choose between getting the pendant as a necklace or a keyring.
We've been in both the star naming and the partner business since 2004; you have a great opportunity to benefit - tools, remuneration plan. Immortalize your own name or someone else's among the stars! A brilliant, unique gift that can't fail to please!
YOUR STAR CERTIFICATE: This signed and sealed Certificate contains the given name and astronomical coordinates of your star. The star name will be filed in a Registry Vault and recorded in a book, which will be registered in the copyright office of the United States of America.
The sky map helps you to find your star in the sky and provides you with a unique perspective to its surroundings. Thanks to its easy-to-understand yet scientifically accurate layout, you can soon learn to navigate the sky with a telescope or binocular.
PENDANT ENGRAVED WITH CONSTELLATION AND COORDINATES: Everything is delivered in a gift package that also contains individually designed cards with information about constellations, stars and universe, as well as a CD to use for searching of the star. Naming a star is only a novelty gift, and no legal title is conferred or implied.

GR8 Experience discount coupons

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 01:01 PM PST discount coupons - We offer you an experience where you or your friends can drive at your dream car. You can choose between the Lamborghini or Ferrari. For those who do not want to choose? Run both! Gift for yourself or as corporate events. Buy your experience gift now. A memory for life!
GR8 Experience was founded in 2005 and is Europe's largest supplier of Ferrari and Lamborghini experience. We have late start delivered over 47,000 experiences in the world's most talked about sports cars. Our instructors have extensive experience in sports cars and we make sure to always deliver an unforgettable driving experiences to 100%.
GR8 Experience was the first in northern Europe to offer a test drive of Ferrari and Lamborghini as experience! GR8 Experience is "original" and we have since inception been 100% injury-free - which is the best rating on safety, quality and most importantly - a memorable and unforgettable experience!
What we offer through gift cards, corporate gifts and events is a personal and unique experience that provides a memory for life. Motor Event is a growing market, and in 2008 was elected sensations of the Year Gift.
We organize everything from company-specific motor events, corporate gifts and driving experiences through gift cards. GR8 Experience is the largest in Europe and driving experiences.

SmartBox discount coupons

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 12:20 PM PST discount coupons - Smartbox™ is the creator of the concept of gift boxes in France. In only, six years it has become the worldwide leader on the market. Nowadays, Smartbox™ is confirming their leadership with a turnover of 242 million euro in 2008, a growth of 61% compared to 2007 (2,6 million gift boxes were sold in 2008 in the world).
This innovative concept (with no visible value), offers an original alternative to traditional gifts (flowers, perfumes, ), and offers to the recipient a real freedom of choice, among many different activities. This large choice enables Smartbox™ to please everyone's desires. The company is also implemented in 16 other countries: in nearly all European countries, in Canada, in Brazil, Japan, and since 2009 in Australia and Austria.
Looking for gift ideas? Smartbox proposes a large range of gift experiences among Gastronomy, Bien ĂȘtre, Adventure, Escape and Culinary Escape. Gifts for women or gifts for men, give a unique experience though our wide range of gift boxes, gifts for Mother's day, gifts for Father's day or Birthday gifts.
Headquartered in New Brunswick NJ, Smartbox is the next generation of gift cards allowing one to choose from a selection of activities and destinations within a given theme. Smartbox is presented in a gift box featuring a color guidebook with full details of each activity or getaway. The recipient selects an experience, makes the reservation directly with the establishment (contact details are provided in the guidebook) and redeems the gift card upon arrival.
mart&Co. and its Smartbox gift experiences are specialists in creating the most innovative experiential gifting products with themes including dining, getaways, adventure, spa/wellness and family outings.

Mattel discount coupons

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 11:32 AM PST discount coupons - Mattel is the leading toy company because they continue to create "The World's Premier Toy Brands - Today and Tomorrow." Their vision has enabled them to create iconic toys that people remember forever. At Mattel you can find all your favorite toys instantly! Find toys, dolls, games, action figures and brand names like Barbie, Fisher-Price, Disney, Hot Wheels and more. - Toys, dolls, action figures, games and vehicles. Delivering play, every day!
Looking for Christmas gift ideas? Mattel offers a gift guide of toys for boys and girls. Find unique gifts in our holiday gift shop and last-minute gifts online. Mattel delivers PLAY for the holidays!

Amoro discount coupons

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 11:12 AM PST discount coupons - is trusted source for creations of outstanding beauty and value, prized by customers the world over. Celebrate Life's Anniversaries With Exclusive Fine Jewelry, Luxury Jewelry And Unique Diamonds from Exceptional service, value & a 100% Money Back Guarantee. "Amoro." It is a brand name forged from the Latin for 'love' and 'gold', in an effort to capture founder Stephen Crane's lifelong passion for gemstones, craftsmanship, romance and value. Few people are more suited to be at the helm of a firm specializing in fine celebratory jewelry. As founder and visionary behind the world-renowned Colombian Emeralds International chain, Crane established Amoro in 1996 – drawing on more than 40 years of insight into how fine jewelry should be made, how it fits into our lives, how the jewelry shopping experience can be made comfortable rather than intimidating, and how his longstanding relationships with some of the world's finest jewelers and gemstone suppliers could be translated into exceptional value for Amoro's customers.
Designed specially for the discriminating eye, Amoro fine jewelry offers exclusive designs, immaculately crafted and sensibly priced. Our luxury jewelry selection celebrates life's anniversaries with the finest gold, white gold, diamonds and precious stones your loved one deserves.

Gadget Universe discount coupons

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 10:57 AM PST discount coupons - At Gadget Universe, our mission is to enhance our customer's life by providing innovations and articles that help him or her to live more comfortably and also accurately represents their status in society. We're committed to providing people with first-rate products that completely satisfy even the most demanding customer.
Gadget Universe is the premiere internet store for cutting-edge gifts and gadgets for easier living and personal safety. What sets us apart is our aggressive pursuit of the newest and best articles the world has to offer. We don't copy others. We don't stamp our name on existing products. What we do is scour the earth in search of innovations no one else has discovered. It's what distinguishes Gadget Universe from other marketing companies and makes your purchase truly worthwhile.
Whether you're looking for a gift for a business colleague, a way to protect your family or a high-tech toy, we've got it. We also have some big plans for the future, including opening a chain of galleria stores across the nation. So feel free to explore our website, get some answers to your gift questions, or satisfy your curiosity for gadgets.
Simply place our Brain Spa Head Massager on your head and feel the tension miraculously leave your body. Suitable for any age, this massager stimulates blood circulation and helps to relieve stress. Use it at your desk at work.

GreatClubs discount coupons

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 10:19 AM PST discount coupons - In 1994, Doug and Dirk Doretti had an idea, based on two things that were happening at the time. Book and music clubs were popular; the brothers felt it was a unique way to run a business. And microbreweries were just catching on with the American public; these local brewmasters were not only passionate about their craft, they were producing the very best beers in the country.
So why not a Microbrewery Beer of the Month Club? Inspired, Doug and Dirk jumped right in. And for those tough first years, the brothers lived lean, recruiting family members to help them pack-and-ship the beer club orders.
Clubs of America is the original and largest gift of the month club source. Clubs of America is truly a unique and thoughtful gift idea for the Holiday season or any gift giving needs. There is no minimum membership terms and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Each club comes with a fun and informative newsletter "Expeditions".
As America's most respected monthly gift club specialist, we make it easy for you to delight friends, family members or clients with something truly rare and memorable. There is no better way to celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any type of celebration than with a membership in our monthly clubs. A gift of the month club membership truly is the gift that keeps on giving--not just today, but also next month and the next--for as long as you desire! Best of all, we handle all the details for you. We are the world's foremost Gift of the Month Club specialist.

39DollarGlasses discount coupons

Posted: 08 Jan 2013 09:49 AM PST discount coupons - 39DollarGlasses is the most recognized and trusted name for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. We pioneered the idea of buying eyeglasses online, at savings of 70% below retail. Thousands of happy customers' feedback has earned us the prestigious 5-Star rating in Yahoo! Shopping. Shop online with for discount prices on high quality prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women and kids.
Founded by eye-doctors, 39 Dollar offers customers an inexpensive solution for acquiring high-quality, complete prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses through its e-commerce website. Completely doctor owned, its creators realized from their private practice and retail offices that they could bypass high-priced retail enterprises to offer the same high-quality, finished prescription eyewear at a much reduced cost. What's more, all eyeglasses and sunglasses are manufactured solely in the United States. With our state-of-the-art, consumer-friendly e-commerce website, customers save an average of 70 percent when purchasing from 39 Dollar

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